Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Take Out from Baba Ka Dhaba (East Indian)

A long time ago our friend Harj, told us about a little hole in the wall restaurant on 17 ave SE that served good East Indian food. Tuesday night we were on our way home from the Globalfest orientation and we hadn't had dinner yet. So we decided to finally try Baba ka Dhaba for some takeout. (Harj warned us it isn't really a sit down dinner kind of a place.)

Located in a tiny strip mall we walked into an oven like atmosphere full of delicious smells. There are a few tables with people eating from styrofoam plates and a counter to the kitchen where you order. We walked up to the counter and asked for a menu. They gave us a sheet of paper and pointed at the daily specials. We asked about butter chicken and he pointed at the daily specials. Tuesday is Nihari or Mixed Daal (beef or vegetarian) How many people he asked? Two we said and we would like some naan bread. Potato bread too he said. We agreed. Turns out our biggest choice is how many people and how hungry we were.

While we were waiting for our food 2 people came in who were also at the Globalfest orientation. They also asked about butter chicken, the answer came back, Friday is butter chicken, today is Nihari. Our order came, a medium sized tub of beef in sauce, a piping hot naan, and a potato bread with dips in little KFC gravy tubs. The total was $8. (5 for the meat, 2 for potato bread and 1 for naan) At home we dug in, delicous and spicy (probably mild for a seasoned east indian palate)

Wednesday night and all of a sudden it's late and we haven't gotten anything out for dinner. So it's back to Baba ka Dhabi. Tonight is goat curry, pakore curry (vegetarian) and chicken pilao (chicken and rice) with kheer (rice pudding) We opt for the goat curry, chicken pilao, potato bread, and naan. Our order comes up and he tells us they ran out of chicken so no charge for the container of deliciously spiced rice. So again our bill is $8. What a great place, every main course is $5 and your biggest choice is how many servings.

Baba ka Dhaba - 3504 17 Ave SE 207-5552 Be prepared to eat what they serve you, the way they spice it and you will have a great meal for a little price. Oh and take it home to eat.


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