Saturday, August 05, 2006

Millarville Farmers Market

Well we finally did it, we got up and out of the house early enough on a Saturday morning to make it to the Millarville farmers market. I say early enough because the market is only open from 8:30 to 12 Saturday mornings June to October. The market is about 30 km south of Calgary, so leaving at the ungodly hour of 9:30 allowed us a couple of hours to explore the market. This is the motherlode of outdoor farmers markets with over 160 vendors in an outdoor country fair type setting.

This being the August long weekend and a sunny day, it was packed. Since it was after 10 and many people had already come and gone, we were able to park right in front. (hint if you follow the crowd be prepared to walk.) We entered and made our way through the crowds of eager shoppers. There seemed to be equal numbers of food and craft vendors, so we hit the food type places, where most had samples of their wares.

We purchased a 4 lb bag of nice greenhouse tomatoes and then spied someone with a large basil plant in her bag. She directed us to a booth at the back of the market where they were selling many different varieties of basil and other herbs. We asked if they had any Thai basil (our favourite) and she said she was sold out except for one that had wilted in the cold, which she was reluctant to sell. We said that we would take it off her hands for a discount which she then offered to us for half of their normal $4 price. On the way out we purchased some kamut bread from one of the many bread vendors and a snack of a wee loaf of chocolate zuccini cake.

After leaving the market we opted to continue south to Turner Valley and lunch at a place called Coyote Moon, a local coffee/breakfast/lunch place. We had some mocha's and an omlette, very tasty. Standing in line we realized we knew the fellow in front of us from somewhere. Turns out it was Ron from Longview who collects antique radios and had purchased a old Eaton viking radio/record player from us last year. He invited us to join him and his companion Irene and we had an interesting eclectric conversation over coffee and breakfast.
All and all a good morning. See the next entry for our visit to the A.C. Leighton gallery on the way home.


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