Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A great find: Purple Perk

We found a wonderful spot the other day. On 4th Street, in the Mission Area.

It used to be a coffee shop called the Planet (or was it the "Daily Planet") that blew smoke rings everytime the door opened. You could not step foot inside without thinking you had spent a few hours inside of a bar. (Calgary is one of the few major cities left that has not yet imposed a global no-smoking ban. Kinda makes you wonder who is paying our city aldermen...)

Well, smoke rings no more. The whole place has had a make-over. The only thing I recognize is the bulletin board on the back wall of the restaurant.

It has a new menu, great coffees, and wonderful old fashioned coffee/mocha milk shakes. The clerk warned us that we might want to share. It was huge. Remember the kind from the old days where they give you the tin mixing cup with the remaining shake? I was stuffed. We promised each other we would share next time we went.

.... which we did tonight.
.... but they weren't quite as generous.
.... however, it was still delicious.


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