Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dinner at Jonas' Restaurant

We recently ate at Jonas' Restaurant. I believe that is pronounced "Yaw-nish".

We had read about it previously, but had never been there. We were feeling in a bit of a celebratory mood, and decided on something different.

Firstly, eating right downtown Calgary for dinner is decidedly uncongested compared to downtown dining at lunch-time.

Secondly, meter parking is free after 6 pm. (after 5 on Saturdays, and free all day Sundays). While there may be slightly fewer choices in venue since some of the downtown locations are only open for breakfast and lunch, the ones that are open are great scores.

The servings, as you can see, are very large. I had the Chicken Paprikash served with home-made Dumplings. It is very similar to a dish my mom makes, which is why I chose it. My mom's has a bit more depth to the sauce, I'm not sure exactly what was missing perhaps some heat (no one cooks like mom), but it was excellent none-the-less.

Art had Wiener Schnitzel from pork with home-made potato... the potatoes were prepared had dill and butter and ? That was fabulous as well. He helped me eat my dish, and we took one of his schnitzels and a heap of potatoes and enjoyed it just as much for lunch the next day.

Both dishes were $11.50. And I will be returning. Perhaps with my parents when they visit next month.

Looking for good food? Get yerself out of the burbs and into downtown for dinner!

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