Sunday, June 18, 2006

Joey at Fort Calgary

We walked from our home in the Ramsay area the other day downtown to catch a movie. We walked by Historic Fort Calgary and saw a very cool image - a native fellow sitting in front of the Buffalo sculpture at Fort Calgary.

His name was Joey and I asked him if I could take his picture. Not being fully sober, he initially thought I wanted a picture of the buffalo, so he leaned over in case he was in my way.

After I took the shot (when he sat up straight again) we exchanged introductions. He had a ticket in his shirt pocket which he said was for drinking in public. He will show up to court on his appointed date, and because he knew he couldn't pay it, he figured he would spend 3 days in jail. The ticket doesn't solve the problem, as you can see, he sits here with a can in hand and more in his bag.

A gentle and sad soul, my new friend Joey. If you see him, give a hello.



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