Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leighton Art Centre

Leaving the Millarville Farmers Market, I spotted a sign saying "Art Exhibit Today" with an arrow pointing north. Well after lunch and shopping in Turner valley, we decided to explore the beautiful foothills in search of the serindipitous.

Do you know that lost feeling you get when you are in unfamiliar territory and the signs are far and few between? Well there are only two signs at the turns in the 15 or so kilometres between Millarville and the Art Centre. The thing that kept us going was the beauty found around every bend in the road.

When we finally arrived at the end of the paved road that deposited us at the Leighton Art Centre Gallery and Museum, we wondered if it was open. There was a sign for a wedding and the only cars besides ours was the wedding party's. In front of us as a non descipt little white house. Well here goes nothing and we walked in.

Inside there are paintings everywhere, and as you walk to the back you reach the living room/museum and you see why A.C. built here, wall to wall foothills and Rocky Mountains. A landscape artists nirvana.

The Leighton Art Centre is open Tuesday to Saturday 10-4, closed Holidays. Worth the drive just to see the views around every corner and to fantasize about having a mansion on the top of a hill. Hang in there and check the map on the website, because signs are small and few and far between.
Leighton Art Centre, Gallery & Museum driving directions


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