Sunday, June 18, 2006

Adventures of the Bronze Suits

The 2 bronze business men; stand motionless on Steven Avenue Mall. So often I see them in various settings, and wish I had a camera to prove what I've seen is true. Various settings, you ask? Why yes, they change their tools more often than you need to change lightbulbs. And that's saying a LOT because, as I said, these fellows are bronze.

I've seen among their arsenal everything from a Watch Tower to a Starbuck's in the claw of the suit frozen in mid sentence. I am certain it assists him in making a more clear point to the listener. Though one can never tell, the listener is slow to act on what he is hearing. Perhaps he's not convinced. Or perhaps he's never seen his companion practice what he preaches. They say that example is the best teacher, and so until one budges, there will be no budging.

Maybe that's what the bicycle is for, the listener is finally planning a get away from the incessant and dull chatter.

Now that I have a convenient wee digital, I will make better use of the opportunities I've had to show you the vast arsenal of the bronze suits.

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