Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dining and Shopping in Calgary: IKEA

Calgary has a new IKEA location that opened in November near the south Costco location.

IKEA has creative solutions to everything in the home from small spaces, to that prefect device for every household need, and really interesting things for children that I wish were available when I was a kid - oh, just a few short years ago.

Not only is it a fun place to shop, it is a fun place to eat, too. They have a very large cafeteria in their upstairs portion serving cafeteria food with a twist - it's European. Well I guess it's European compared to the regular cafeteria fare served at similar places around here, because it isn't so regular. But whether or not it's really European has yet to be determined by an expert, or by my 'haven't- been-to-that-part-of-Europe-yet' experience.

The desserts are a pleasure to behold, and the plates are reasonably priced. Breakfast is only $1.00. Who can beat that? Not Nellie's, not the Gallaxy, not even King's on Barlow Trail.


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