Thursday, December 30, 2004

Local Calgary Movie Rentals While on Vacation

Sometimes the best place to get a movie rental is your local indy (independant) corner store. We love our local corner store. It is only a block and a half from our house (which means it is only 2 1/2 blocks from Art's Place .ca) and is called "Alberta Corner Store".

There is another one called the Black and White which is closer to the Art's Place .ca, but they do not have movie rentals. Both have everything you would expect a corner store to have however, I do understand their prices are more than the Alberta Corner Store.

And, if you are really into the big chain places, or need 24 hour attention, there is a 7-11 further down 8th Street. But then again, they do not have movie rentals.

We like the small town feel of the Alberta Corner Store and frequently encounter people we know, including those people that we know by face and not name who live nearby. We know some well enough to smile and say hello, and in some cases engage in small talk including offering or asking for advice on potential movie selections. A comment on the weather is just a given, everyone in Alberta talks about the weather. You are not from here, or haven't been here long enough if you don't discuss the weather. You will soon know what I mean.

Ocassionally we run into Jenny Allen, a local Calgary folk singer, and neighbor. (We discovered that she lived nearby when we stumbled upon her garage sale a couple of years ago. It was a really neat surprise and we bought some really cool things from her. If you come over, I will show you!). She bought some neat things at our garage sale the same summer, and if you are at her place sometime, I'm sure she will show you. Her boyfriend is a 'found object' artist, and their backyard is decorated with some very clever pieces. My favorite is the phone bench. Sorry, I'm not even going to try to paint a picture of that for you, you have to see it for yourself.


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