Saturday, January 01, 2005

Shopping: Chinook Centre - Second Largest Mall in Calgary

After New Year's Day Brunch with the Single Volunteers we headed to Chinook Centre, the shopping mall north of Luciano's on MacLeod Trail. The mall has now taken a second place in size and number of stores since the recent renovations and reopening of Market Mall in the North West. I was suprised to learn that the stores were open on New Year's Day. Judging by the crowds, it was well worth the store's extra hourly salary expenses to be open.

Chinook Centre was renovated a couple of years ago when they added the Chinook Paramont Theatres complete with an IMAX screen among updating and expanding everything, including the parking and parkades and the food court.

My mom, who lives in Saskatchewan, claims that they are always renovating Chinook Centre, as they seemed to be in the midst of renovations everytime her and dad passed through Calgary because before I moved here in 1995. It was Calgary's first mall, and the first time we were here as a family in the 70's it was being renovated to become an indoor mall, instead of an outdoor access mall. Indoor malls are a necessity with Calgary's winters.


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