Sunday, January 02, 2005

Food: T&T Grocery

The T & T Grocery Story provides such an interesting selection of Asian foods. It is in the Franklin Mall, where there are many other Asian stores as well an Asian food court. There you can find Chinatown in a shopping mall. Complete with a tea and ginseng store, a tableware and kitchen shop, and a Chinese herb store, it also sports a shoe store, discount clothing shop, DVDs, CDs and Karaoke shop, computer shop, television and electronics complete with Asian personnel to serve you in their language. English might need some translation.

In the T&T supermarket you can find vegetables that I never knew existed, generally for even less than at teh Superstore.

It also has the makings of dim sum, sushi, vietnamese soups, and a Chinese bakery. The meat section displays a variety of live fish in tanks, live mollusks, as well as frozen and fresh meats. We noted that it is a great place to buy fresh salmon for less than the other grocers as well. Once in a while if we are in the area of the T&T Grocery Store just prior to them closing, we drop in and buy the days fresh sushi on discounted prices.

That is, in fact, why we were there today. Since Art's parents were in town and we had the leftover sushi rice in our fridge, we wanted to practise this skill and use it up. We bought the raw tuna, and immitation crab, and some wasabi, but had to go elsewhere for healthier avacados. It was all very delicious and we have some left over, but I do have on question: Why does this wasabi not disolve in the soy sauce?


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