Sunday, December 26, 2004

Shopping in Calgary on Boxing Day

We braved the snowy streets today with multitudes of other Boxing Day shoppers looking for deals. I'm not complaining about the weather, it only snowed here last night (Christmas Day evening). So I guess that means that we actually got a white Christmas.

Calgary's weather is unpredictable, we always check the forecast before we go out to see if we need to pack a pair of short pants, an umbrella or a snow jacket. It doesn't matter if it's June or January. When a chinook blows in, in only a few minutes we can go from bitterly cold with mountains of snow, to our streets looking like Venice until the storm drains catch up.

In case you are wondering what Boxing Day is, it's a Canadian shopping tradition, the day after Christmas. The crowds and frenzy can be not unlike the Day after Thanksgiving in the US, known there as Black Friday. The sales work out well for those who celebrate Christmas in January. People start lining up at 3 or 4 in the morning, for deals like $1 for a DVD player and $20 for an MP3 player. (quantities on some things are limited, of course).

Well we didn't exactly make it out that early in the morning, in fact, we didn't make it out in the morning. (Everyone who knows me is nodding their heads). It was about 3, and we pretty much only went to Costco - where we will make a couple of purchases after they send Christmas stock to The Last Chance Trading Company, and Future Shop, and Memory Express. I wouldn't doubt Future Shop was just as busy as it was at 7 this morning.

In the end we came home with a bundle of 100 CD-R's for $16.99 from Memory Express and a DVD movie rental from the Alberta Corner Store down the street.


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