Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Shopping: Chinatown in Calgary

Chinatown in Calgary might not be as big and impressive as that in San Francisco, but it is still a unique cultural experience. We met up with the in-laws there for a quick little shopping spree to purchase the ultimate rice cooker. Apparently Tiger is the best brand. A programmable 10 cup cooker was the final selection.

Afterwards we went to two different bakeries, Jing Jing for our favorite meat stuffed buns, and a different one, the Golden Happiness Bakery for the best pasteries. I don't know what it is about Chinese bakeries, it is always a wonderful culinary experience. Their pasteries are so light and flaky...

We found free parking along Riverfront Avenue as we had pulled up to a meter that said FAIL on it... FAIL means F-R-E-E in my books. Thanks City of Calgary for that! Honestly, though, we look for meters with time left on them or park where we know that there is free parking and walk to the Calgary Transit's Free-Fare zone in the downtown core, as I begrudge Calgary's high city parking fees.

At all costs I avoid the Imperial and Sterling parking lots. That's another story, and a long one, I won't go there now.

[Jing Jing is downstairs on the corner of 3rd Ave and Centre Street SE]
[Golden Happiness bakery is 111 2nd Ave SE]


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