Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Entertainment: Theatre: In Klezkavania with the Plaid Tongued Devils

Performing at One Yellow Rabbit's Big Secret Theatre until April 23.

I'm almost embarassed to admit that I saw this. It was hilarious. But it was also very grotesque. There were times, mostly executed by the character of Penultima, when if I could have sunk into my seat, I certainly would have. I'll not go any further than that but the Sun article linked below covers the least offensive of how she caused-me-to-blush.

Other than that, it was likely offensive to the Christian - "say you're the devil . . ."

I went because we won free tickets. I wanted to go, because a friend is in the band "The Plaid Tongued Devils". Very talented band. What's with that name though? I suppose it doesn't have the same appeal and shock-value to the alternative music scene as "Plaid Winged Angels".

In spite of it all, did I say it was hilarious? Yes I did. It WAS hilarious. Baron Leo Van Tantamount (Penultima's husband) was the despicable character that made it all very funny. He had so many great lines it was overwhelming to try to isolate even one of them to savor later. When Penultima was front and centre I couldn't wait for it to be over. When Tantamount was front and centre, I didn't want it to end.

Would I recommend it? That all depends on who's asking.

Calgary Sun :: Event Guide:: In Kezskavania

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