Monday, January 10, 2005

Calgary Dining: Coffee Shops

We love going out for coffee. Calgary's coffee shops are the places where we meet up with our friends most of the time.

One old favorite was the Second Cup on 17th Avenue and about 7th Street across from Mount Royal Village. I guess it's been a while because we made arrangements to meet someone there this evening. We pulled up to a rock star parking spot, but it didn't appear that we were in the right place. There wasn't even a hint that it ever used to be a Second Cup. The only signs in the windows read "For Lease".

In a discussion later Art and I recalled that a friend who is a teacher at Western Canada High School told us about about their pending closure.

So after we connected with our friend we headed, instead, to the other Second Cup on 4th Street and 24th Avenue. Art knows the owners there. It used to be my favorite place to go out for coffee and it was close to the apartment I lived in before we got married.

But there are many places to choose from, weather chain stores, or indy's. I took the opportunity to tour many of the indy places a few years ago armed with a coupon book that didn't punish single people. It had 2 for 1's with the option of 50% off of a single. That little $10 book allowed me to aquaint myself with my city, as I would study the book and locate one of it's shops on the map, before heading out. I had a lot of fun as I discovered very unique and interesting places. I miss that little coffee coupon book, which no longer printed.


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